What to visit in London and how much does it cost


Plan, plan, plan

Planning to visit one of the most beautiful European capitals? Plan wisely! London is a gorgeous city, with a ton of attractions and a wild nightlife. As all these come with a cost, you should prepare your travel budget in advance and decide how you are gonna move through England’s capital’s intense traffic during your London stay.

In order to give you a hand, we’ve made a top of London’s sightseeing which is not to miss. Prepare your travel in advance – book a flight, find a good deal for transfer from Gatwick or Stansted to London, rent a nice place for your vacay and make sure you have all your attraction entrances tickets prepared in advance in order to skip the lines and use your precious time in a better manner than waiting in queues.

Sightseeing? Cultural events? Walking tours? Pubs and clubs?

As mentioned earlier, in this article we’ll focus on sightseeing, on what makes London… London. So once you know when your flight date is and where you’re staying, once you know exactly how to get from Gatwick or Stansted to London, make sure you start considering what to see in the days spent in the city. Of course, the number of attractions you’ll see depends on how much time you will spend here. As mentioned, as any tourist impatient to see London, you too have the Queen’s blessing to buy the tickets, see the places and get lost in the mirage of the city’s streets in between, checking a place or two to see on your list.

Let’s roll, then!

A river cruise? Oh, yeah!

How does it sound to spend close to a magical hour, rain or shine, in a boat and see London’s top attractions, like the London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge during a relaxing cruise on the Thames? You’ll hear the comments of the guide through your journey and learn something about this fabulous city as well. A ticket to such a cruise starts from GBP 13.15, but if you have the time and the budget you are free to upgrade your ticket to include a 30 minutes flight in the London Eye. So, what do you think?

Up, up, but not away!

If you’ve booked your London Eye flight and you just discovered your passion for the heights, the view from The Shard is definitely not to miss. You can see spectacular London from the tallest building in Western Europe and admire its majestic appearance with a 360 degrees view. The tickets start from GBP 25.95, but for a few extra pounds you can enjoy the marvellous spectacle of a city full of life with a glass of champagne in your hand. And you’ll definitely feel like a million bucks. Actually, like a million Great British Pounds, which is even better!

What about an iconic attraction of London?

The Westminster Abbey is an immortal building in which you can follow in the footsteps of kings and queens that influenced London’s history through the centuries. The architectural jewellery is more than one thousand years old, and it is still a working church. Relatively recently, this hosted Prince William’s wedding with the commoner Kate Middleton, which is now known as Duchess Catherine of Cambridge. You can buy an entrance ticket with an audio guide included for just GBP 20, yet this won’t guarantee you a meeting with the Royals. One can still hope, though.

Tourist of the present, meet London’s bloody past

How? By visiting the Tower of London. Surrounded by a dark history, the scene of Anne Boleyn’s 16 century beheading is a major attraction for both English and foreigners. You can buy a ticket for a tour from GBP 24.80 and not only visit the buildings that keep hidden secrets between their old walls, but also the famous crown jewels. The best among them? The grand 105.6 carat Koh-I-Noor diamond, which was found in India in the 13th century and it belongs to the Royals since 1849. That’s a jewel it pays to see, literally!

Finally, meet the Royals!

Of course, having the five o’clock tea with the Queen is something quite difficult to obtain, but the next best thing is taking a selfie with Her Royal Majesty. And where, if not at Madame Tussauds, the place where you can mingle with all the people you never even dared to dream to see in real life. Skip the line with a priority entrance ticket to the world famous museum. It will cost you GBP 29, but the experience you will have is absolutely priceless.

Ready to (let) go?

London never sleeps, so if you did not had the time to see everything you had in mind this time, take a deep breath and plan your next journey. You will never get bored of London, and while travelling in the taxi to the airport you can already start browsing for a flight. And good accommodation and transfer from the airport to the city. As for the attractions… you know the drill.

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Photos by Arkadiusz Radek, Clem Onojeghuo, Janis Oppliger, Fred Mouniguet, Manuele Sangalli, Erik Lundqvist on Unsplash