What areas you should not miss while in London

Ah, London, one of the most eclectic cities in the world, with so many enticements to offer that it’s hard to make up your mind on where to go and what to see. This is why we’ve made up a list of the areas you should not miss while in London, so you can organize your trip based on attractions located in the same area or district.

This could also come in handy when you research how to get from Stansted to London, as it may give you an overall picture on what is where and how you can make the most out of your time in the dazzling English capital.

South Bank

Start with one of the most iconic attractions on the Thames river south bank, the Coca-Cola London Eye. The views from up there are breathtaking no matter the weather, so experience London from the top before moving on to more terrestrial, or should we say underwater journeys, like Sea Life London Aquarium. Move on then to discover the city’s past at the London Dungeon, then pay (or don’t, because it’s free) a visit to Tate Modern, the national museum of modern and contemporary art. Hint: get a pass to combine two or more of the aforementioned attractions and save some money while you’re at it. Tickets in advance are recommended, anyway. After getting your share of hot spots, take a walk along the Thames, get a drink and relax while admiring the city skyline.

Palace of Westminster from the dome on Methodist Central Hall


Right across the river from the South Bank you’ll find some more iconic attractions. Start from the focal point of this area, Parliament Square, and begin exploring! In whatever order you may choose to see them, here you will find the infamous Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the Palace of Westminster. Move on then to the Whitehall until reaching Trafalgar Square, and then continue on to The Mall road until reaching Buckingham Palace. Surrounding this district you’ll find enormous parks to get lost in, all part of London’s Royal Parks. Quite the attractions and you can check them all in a day if you’re organised!

West End

West End

Prepare to be dazzled in this vibrant London area, home to shopping streets, theatre shows, top-notch dining spots, and art exhibits. You can take a walking tour on Oxford, Bond and Regent Streets and indulge in (or till you drop!) a bit of shopping. To ease up your conscience, you can continue on to Piccadilly Circus and catch your breath on the steps of Eros’ statue while admiring all the advertising screens and flashy lights. The Royal Academy of Arts is located here and features year-round exhibitions. If you’re a fan of galleries, hit Cork Street and enjoy the work of major British artists.
In West End you’ll also find Chinatown, with its Far East hustle and bustle. Its neighbour is the entertainment heart of London, Soho, worth seeing especially at night, when you can just go from pub to pub and see how Londoners have fun after the sun sets. Adjacent to Soho is Covent Garden, another popular district for youngsters, with numerous entertainment opportunities in terms of markets, shops, theatres and opera houses.

City of London

City of London

Yes, this is actually an area in London and Europe’s leading financial centre. Don’t be fooled by skyscrapers and imposing buildings, though. This modern district goes by the saying “work hard, play hard”, so you shouldn’t be surprised to find here some of the most modern bars, restaurants and pubs, where people go to relax and socialize after a day of work. The Shard stands tall and dominates the area not only with its height, but also with its popular 360 viewing point where you can go to enjoy London from the 72nd floor. Other hot spots in this area include the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Museum of London.



This London area is located on the world’s Prime Meridian, but asides from being on the central line of the earth; it’s also a nice place to spend your day. Greenwich is situated on a hill, so it overlooks the River Thames and Central London. It offers not only panoramic views, but also unique attractions: the Royal Observatory, the National Maritime Museum, the tea clipper Cutty Sark, Greenwich Park, a market, restaurants, pubs and whatnot. Just like the other London areas we picked, Greenwich has something for every taste, age and budget.

The colourful and vibrant neighbourhoods of London are all worth exploring, but if you want to get organized and don’t miss anything, then a schedule based on what areas you should not miss while in London sounds like the perfect plan. Regardless of what, or in what order, you choose to visit, rest assured that London will impress you with its diversity and unforgettable spirit. So book your flight, pick your hotel, choose your transfer from Stansted to London, get a map, and just enjoy the city!