Visiting London with your kids? Here are the main (mix-and-match) attractions!


Hello, stranger! Looking to visit London with your children? That is great, because the city has great potential for families with kids, so much that we could recommend you different categories of entertainment for your little ones. Yet, let’s take it slow and mix all of them together, but stay close, in case you plan a longer stay or a return (who doesn’t love London, after all?)… There’s more in the cards of what you’re seeking.

Mix-and-match, we said, right? So, here are 5 things to do or to see with your kiddos while visiting Great Britain’s capital. And no, we promise, your Gatwick taxi transfer isn’t included here, although they might be transfixed by what they see on the window!

1. Ride above the city in the Emirates Air Line cable car.

Why? Because kids love anything that involves moving (no wonder they love fun parks, trains, bumpy cars rides and other forms of entertainment parents don’t necessarily love or happily approve). AND, also because this will be quite the experience for you, too. This is a great activity that will keep happy little and big people. The children will love a ride above the city and they will probably get their mouths and noses all over the glass of the car. But you’re probably already used to that, so prepare in advance to answer their 4.76 questions about this activity (supposing they ask 400 questions a day, yet sleep 10 hours, while this ride lasts about 10 minutes). In case they’re overexcited, they ask more questions, so make sure you do your homework on the topic of London! And if you wonder, a ticket for a child costs from GBP 1.70 and one for an adult from GBP 3.50. You can pay contactless or in advance here. Now that you are quite trained on the matter, don’t forget to empty your phone’s or camera’s memory card so you can take great pictures of London from above. This, in case you have the time among the buzz of the kids! 

2. Book a Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour.

If you want to knock your children off their feet (and maybe yourself too – see, that’s the thing with kids attractions here – parents LOVE them too!) book this four hour tour in the world of magic! Not only that you’ll be able to see with your little sweethearts the sets where the movies with Harry Potter as a central figure were filmed, but you will also be able to board the Hogwarts Express. You will see iconic places and objects that built the Harry Potter culture and visit a train themed souvenir shop (time to open your pockets!) which your kids most likely won’t want to leave empty handed. Money is unimportant when your babes’ happiness is at stake, so here’s what you need to know from the start also. A ticket to this attraction starts from GBP 66. Book it in advance to make sure you won’t miss it if your kids love the universe J.K. Rowling created.

3. Try the world’s longest tunnel slide!

Oh, dear! If your kids loved the cable car ride, they may want to move at the ArcelorMittal Orbit. Located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, this hosts, as mentioned earlier, the world’s longest tunnel slide. Catch your breath before learning more about this attraction, because you’ll need to focus and get some courage before trying it. Your children may be braver, tough! Structural designer Cecil Balmond and artist Anish Kapoor created this for tourists to be able to admire London from a point 22 meters higher than the famous Statue of Liberty. Not to mention (actually we couldn’t wait to say it), but you can see over 32 kilometres in the distance from the platform on top of the ArcelorMittal Orbit. An entrance ticket for this unique attraction of London costs GBP 52 for the whole family (two parents and two children). 

4.Zip World London

Feel the wind through your hair descending the 235 meters zip wire available at Zip World London, near Archbishop Park. Totally breathtaking, yet perfectly safe, this is a formidable attraction that will conquer all the members of your family. Because riding in a convertible it’s not exactly the smart thing to do if you’re not used to the English way of driving, you can feel your blood rushing through your veins while zip lining right in the heart of the city. The price for the adventure is not quite small. Not if you think of how fast everything goes. Yet, once you’re up there and you see the magnificent views of the sleepless city you won’t regret a single pound spent, we promise! You can book the tickets here, the prices start from GBP 18 for a child, and GBP 25 for an adult. 

5. Visit KidZania and let your children experience who they want to be… TODAY!

No need for them to read in order to experience different roles, a few hours in KidZania is enough. Ok, maybe this is not the exact thing you should say them while telling them about this child-oriented attraction of London, still, this is something you need to know. KidZania is an educational entertainment experience for kids. Here, they will learn lots of stuff about dozens of professions in a fun and diverting environment. Not even the sky’s the limit for a 10 year old who wants to be a pilot if you visit KidZania while in London with the kids. Depending on the dates you choose to go there, the prices for the tickets vary from GBP 18 for a child and GBP 16 for an adult. You can easily book them in advance here

Visits in London are always fabulous, even if they end with fatigue for you and sleepy children lingering in your arms. You can catch your breath on your London to Gatwick Taxi Transfer and think how to even better plan your next visit.

Until then, have a safe trip home!