T & C


By using our service, you agree to our terms and conditions.

After you have placed your booking, our team will check all the details and send you a booking confirmation. It is solely your responsibility to check if all details are correct.

At the time of the booking where the pickup is from an airport, please ensure you give us your arrival time shown on your ticket (scheduled landing time). Landing times shown on your ticket are always local times and you don’t need to modify any hours due to different Time Zones.

All bookings must be made with the office, via phone, email, whatsapp or any other chat option we might offer, to be rest assured your bookings are insured. It is against the law to book directly with the driver, all bookings must be pre-booked with an Operator, in order to be insured.

Zipo Travel LTD does not accept and can not be held responsible for any flights, trains or vessels (cruise ships) missed, for whatever reason i.e. accidents, traffic delays, breakdowns, severe weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstances.

Zipo Travel LTD and your flight company recommends arriving at the airport 2 hours prior to flight departure. Our recommended transfer duration is between 1:30hrs to 2:30hrs to all London’s surrounding airports, to allow for possible unpredicted delays on route to or from the airport. It is solely your responsibility to plan your journey accordingly.

Zipo Travel LTD will not be responsible for any costs or refunds to any passengers who do not wait for their driver or take alternative transport.

Zipo Travel LTD reserves the right to refuse any passengers/luggage that exceed the booking requirements. Each passenger is allowed to carry one medium checked in bag (max 20kgs) and one handbag. Any larger luggage or extra luggage or person will incur an extra charge (if the vehicle can accommodate it) or the refusal of the service.

Zipo Travel LTD will cancel your booking and no refunds will be given if we cannot reach you by phone or email within 1 hour at the airport and seaport, or 15 minutes at a pickup address or train station.

We strongly recommend switching on your mobile phone when your plane has landed or have it switched on at any other location at the time of the scheduled pickup.

All transfers are private and all booked vehicles are based on your passengers and luggage requirments. All prices shown on our quotation page are based per total passengers.

We reserve the right to send an upgraded vehicle for your requirments if the appropriate vehicle is not available i.e. we might send a minivan for 3 passengers.

Payment policy

We accept two types of payment. The first option is a small fee paid with your debit or credit card, during the booking process for each transfer and, the balance directly to the driver in cash. The second option is payment in full paid with your debit or credit card (processing fee apply in this case).

All payment must be made solely online. There is no option to pay with your card inside the vehicle. The only option to pay using your card is online.

We accept, as cash standard, British Pounds. We can also accept (but we can not guarantee) any other currency, based on xe.com + 30% extra and rounded to xx5 or xx0 whichever is closer i.e if the transfer’s price is £60.00 and you want to pay in Euros, the currency conversion will be €69 + 30% = €89.7 rounded to €90.00.

All payments made online can be done in any currency available on the market, as long as your card provider allows it.

Refund policy

Regardless of the reason you want to cancel your booking, we will refund you in full under the following conditions:

1. All bookings must be cancelled in writing (by email) and they will be fully refunded if we receive the cancellation no later than 24 hours prior to service.

2. If you choose to pay partial amount and the balance in cash to driver, we will refund you the entire amount minus £5 admin fee for each transfer you booked.

3. If you choose to pay the total amount for your booking, we will refund you in full minus £5 admin fee for each transfer and minus the card payment fee. For example, if the total amount is £63 (of which card payment fee is £3), we will deduct the admin and payment fee and you should receive £55.00.

Waiting time

For all airports and seaports, we will monitor the flight (where available) and once the flight has landed, the driver will wait 40 minutes to give you enough time to clear customs and collect luggage and, get inside the terminal with a name board with your specified name in the booking. From that moment, you have 20 minutes free of charge to meet your driver, a total of 1 hour after the flights landing time.

Any additional waiting time after 1 hour waiting will be charged with £5 for each 15 minutes increments. That means if you meet your driver 2 or 15 minutes later after one hour of waiting has passed, you will be charged £5. For 17 minutes to 30 minutes extra waiting time, you will be charged £10 and so on.

There is no free waiting time from an address or station. Extra charge apply for any extra waiting over the scheduled pickup time. The charge for extra waiting is £5 for each 15 minutes increments. Please make sure you already checked out from your hotel before scheduled pick up time, to avoid extra charge.

Amendments and cancellations

All amendments must be done with the office by email, phone or whatsapp and never with the driver . Any communication with the driver regarding a change in the booking will be completely ignored. For any changes in the booking, we need writing or verbal confirmation.

All amendments can be done no later than 3 hours prior to service, by email, phone or whatsapp.

Zipo Travel LTD will refund you the entire amount minus £20 administration fee, if the cancellation is made up to 24 hours prior to service. No refund will be given if the cancellation is made in less than 24 hours prior to service.

All cancellation request must be made in writing by email or whatsapp.

Please note that calls may be recorded for training and quality purposes.